Charlotte Overview: Living Here

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People love to live in Charlotte. Charlotte-Mecklenburg is consistently ranked among the top 10 moving destinations in the United States. Charlotte was also the fourth fastest-growing big city in the country from 2010-2015. The Charlotte Chamber’s Living Here offers comprehensive information on home prices, cost of living, neighborhoods, taxes and health care options.

Located in the Piedmont region of North Carolina, Charlotte is two hours east of the Appalachian Mountains and three hours west of the Atlantic Ocean. Charlotte’s strategic location makes the area only a two-hour plane ride from more than 50 percent of the U.S. population.

Although settled by the Scots-Irish in the 1740s, the Charlotte area felt the strong influence of German colonists who came south about the same time. The city owes its name to German-born Queen Charlotte, wife of England’s King George III, and the county of her birthplace of Mecklenburg.

From its modest beginnings as a small village, Charlotte abruptly attained city status with America’s first discovery of gold in 1799. It was also the first small step in establishing the city as a financial center. Charlotte quickly became the gold mining capital of the country until the California Gold Rush 50 years later. A few decades later, the cotton textile industry moved south from New England. By 1903, the Charlotte area was clearly defined as a textile leader. Today, Charlotte enjoys a vibrant, balanced economy that encompasses many sectors and companies ranging in size from multinational to microbusiness.