Demographic Profile Maps

As Charlotte and Mecklenburg County continue their overall growth, it is necessary to understand how change is distributed throughout the community. The following maps show an analysis of intra-county growth trends and some of the infrastructure that supports it.

The maps are either interactive or PDF documents.

Mecklenburg County, NC - Major roads and pinpoints charlotte city limits.

Median Age in Mecklenburg County (Interactive map)

Percent White Population in Mecklenburg County (Interactive map)

Percent Black or African American in Mecklenburg County (Interactive map)

Percent Asian Population in Mecklenburg County (Interactive map)

Percent Hispanic or Latino Population in Mecklenburg County (Interactive map)

Foreign-Born Population - Distribution patterns of Charlotte's foreign-born population.

Households and housing

Households - Number of household density in the county.

Housing Units - Actual residential units distributed throughout Mecklenburg county.

Major Apartment Complexes

Per Capita Income

Median Household Income

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Public Schools - Charlotte-Mecklenburg public school system is the largest in NC. Information on schools may be obtained at the CMS website.

Universities and Colleges - Charlotte-Mecklenburg is the site of a number of public and private universities, colleges and community colleges.

Non-Residential Construction

Mecklenburg County Office Buildings

Mecklenburg County Industrial Buildings

Mecklenburg County Retail

Drive Time to Work - The average time it takes a driver to get to work within the county.  Drive time study maps depicting average time to drive from a specific location in the county.

2030 Transit Plan - Plan to improve transit services in Mecklenburg county.

Existing and Proposed Thoroughfares, 2000-2020 - Major streets and highways that cover the county and major improvements that are contained in the Charlotte Department of Transportation 2020 Plan.