GIS Mapping Tool

Through a successful public-private partnership, the Charlotte Chamber and Mecklenburg County have created a powerful Geographic Information System (GIS) for economic development research. The prime focus of the GIS project is demographics driven, in order to promote efficient and quality location decisions. It can also be used to conduct a radius search for demographics and business locations, locate sample properties surrounding a specified point, and plot industry sectors by type. 

Access this application:

For direct assistance, please contact one of the developers:

Eileen Cai, Vice President, Economic Development / Asian Sector, 704-378-1316

Sven Gerzer, Vice President, Economic Development / European Sector, 704-378-1310

Kati Hynes, VP, Economic Development, 704-378-1371

Jeffrey L. Edge, CEcD, Senior Vice President, Economic Development 

The maps below are accessible as JPG or PDF files when they are not marked interactive.

Demographic maps may be found here.

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