We encourage you to watch the video testimonials from Charlotte CEOs and executives below.

Sealed Air: Jerome Peribiere, President and CEO

Sealed Air announced the relocation of their corporate headquarters July 23, 2014. Construction of the corporate campus is well underway. Read the announcement here.


Albemarle Corporation: Luke Kissam

Albemarle Corporation announced the relocation of their corporate headquarters August 25, 2015. Albemarle will create 120 jobs and invest $12.9 million in capital. Read the announcement here.


Toshiba America Energy Systems Corporation: Ali Azad, President and CEO

Toshiba America Energy Systems Corporation announced an engineering and project management office in Charlotte in 2010. The company decided to locate its corporate headquarters in Charlotte soon after. Read about the company in Charlotte: Your Headquarters Location.


SPX: Christopher Kearney, Chairman of SPX Flow Board of Directors

SPX has grown a lot since the initial move to Charlotte in 2002. Read about the company in Charlotte: Your Headquarters Location.


National Gypsum: Peter Browning, former Chairman, President and CEO